Dec 5, 2008

He is part of our History

It was exactly a year ago, when the Hanover tourist board issued this Advent calendar for children. Nothing really special about it, if not one figure depicted behind a tree at the left of the image. 

Yes, it is Fritz Haarmann, the cannibal killer from Hanover, with a meat cleaver in his hand:

Haarmann had already appeared in a similar calendar the year before, but nobody took notice. 

The 2007 calendar sold very well - the whole run of 20 000 copies was out before Christmas.  

Hans-Christian Nolte, head of the Hanover tourist board defended the idea of including the mass murderer in the calendar, saying: "He is part of our history. Even on guided tours the serial killer's story is told". 


The killer disappeared from the 2008 version of the calendar. 


Angela said...

It's hard to tell his face. He looks like a normal guy holding a piece of newspaper on street.

The interesting part is that when questioned and criticised by others to put this notorious figure in their calendar, Hans-Christian Nolte and his company actually admited it and they did it on purpose. They want their homage secret and overt at the same time - maybe like the writer of this blog, who writes and advertises for this site but without leaving his real name on this blog:) Ha!

angela said...

I'm just kidding. Hope you don't mind.