May 28, 2009

Es ist mein Teil

The case of Armin Meiwes has become famous over the years with movies, novels and songs to depict the story of the Metzgermeister. Many were fascinated by the fact that both the killer and the victim shared the first bites of the latter's penis as entrée (in culinary terms, it wasn't satisfying; most of the penis - chopped - was later served to Meiwes' dog).

Now though, Meiwes has a follower (sui generis, I should say) in Poland. 


Here's a man, who has bitten off a part of his friend's penis. 

"'He began hitting me with a chain - and then pulled down my trousers and started biting. It was agony,' said the victim (from

Police and medics could find no trace of Marian's missing genitalia, and believe his attacker Wojciech Sowinski - now facing 10 years in jail - may have eaten it. 

'If we'd had the other bit of his penis we could have sewn it back on,' said Dr Adam Domanasiewicz from the hospital in nearby Trzebnica, where Marian is recovering".

Here's the story with more details (in Polish).


Among many songs inspired by Meiwes' story, this one is  probably the most famous: Rammstein, Mein Teil (My Piece; can be translated as My Member as well).

The lyrics translate as (from

'Looking for a well-built 18 to 30-year-old

to be slaughtered'

The Master Butcher 

Today I will meet a gentleman

He likes me so much he could eat me up

Soft parts and even hard ones

are on the menu

Because you are what you eat

and you know what it is

It is my part – no

My part – no

There that's my part – no

My part – no

The dull blade good and proper

I'm bleeding heavily and feeling sick

Although I have to fight to stay awake

I keep eating while in convulsions

It's just so well seasoned

and so nicely flambéed

and so lovingly served on porcelain

And with it, a good wine

and gentle candlelight

Yeah I'll take my time

You've got to have some culture

Because you are what you eat

and you know what it is

It is my part – no

My part – no

Because that's my part – no

Yes it's my part – no

A cry will ascend to heaven

It will cut through hosts of angels

Feather-flesh will shriekingly fall

from the top of the clouds onto my childhood.

The exact course of events that took place in the old house in Rotenburg an der Fulda, where Meiwes consumed the genitals of Bernd Jürgen Brandes is known from the video, the killer made at the scene of the action. 

source (dpa)

Also Patrick Bateman, the protagonist of Bret Easton Ellis' American Psycho is videotaping an orgy with two prostitutes. Here a still from Mary Harron's movie based on the novel:

One of them will witness later Bateman bitting off and swallowing another girl's nipples.

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