Sep 27, 2009


Hufu is the name of a soy-based product designed to resemble human flesh (in taste and texture): "Healthy Human Flesh Alternative".

According to the producer's website, human flesh has the "taste and texture of beef, except a little sweeter in taste and a little softer in texture. Contrary to popular belief, people do not taste like pork or chicken".

Armin Meiwes (and we can trust this guy in that matter) says human flesh has a taste of pork. By the way, Armin Meiwes has turned vegetarian: "He finds the idea of factory farming as distasteful as his crime was". (source)

Inside of Meiwes' house; photos: Thomas Rabsch (source)

From a documentary The Man who ate his Lover (2004), we learn about Meiwes' literary taste as well:

"Brandes starts to bleed to death in the bath; Meiwes passes the time downstairs by reading a Star Trek novel".

You can watch the full documentary here:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Oh, and I forgot to say, Hufu was a spoof: here.

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