Sep 25, 2009

Macabre returns

I mentioned this American band before, but described it as extreme metal.

Well, I was wrong: indeed they play murder metal. They have a brand new site on myspace, hence we know, that Macabre blends elements of true crime, math rock, nursery rhymes, punk, thrash, folk melodies, death metal, jazz fusion, black metal and more into an energetic, catchy and unmistakable amalgam, refers to Macabre's signature style.

Which in visual terms means more or less this:

Members of Macabre on a “family” picture taken in Sedlec Kutná Hora ossuary in Czech

On their latest album, there's a song about Armin Meiwes:

The Wustenfeld Man Eater (Armin Meiwes)

In the German internet classifieds

was an ad for a man's demise

then after death he'd eat his prize

a cannibal in modern times

Then to his ad a man replied

agreed to what was advertised

his penis was cut off while still alive

he ate half his own penis before he died

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