Jun 23, 2009

I killed my boyfriend and ate his organs because he really, really wanted me to

The British version of the Cannibal Butcher urban legend turns Kebab style:

Well, the infamous first ever winner of the Mr Gay UK contest also tried tried some Mediterranean flavouring (quoted from The Sun):

"Having killed the victim Morley carved away a piece of flesh, took it downstairs to his kitchen where he seasoned it, fried it and tried to eat it. [...] From a chopping board on one of the kitchen units, six pieces of cooked flesh which had been seasoned with fresh herbs and fried in olive oil were recovered."

It's difficult to say what led Anthony Morley in his culinary experiences, but the name of Armin Meiwes comes instantly to mind (look here).

The latter has inspired a few movies and episodes so far, but most of the times he is referred to in a charmingly grotesque form. In Three and Out, he turns French chef:

In an episode of The IT Crowd, the German cannibal is well-mannered, cultivated and absolutely harmless:

The only attempt to focus on Meiwes' case in a more serious manner was probably Grimm Love (a.k.a. Rohtenburg). The end result however is a mixture of pretentious monologues, infantile psychology, ridiculous make-ip (see below) all concocted in an incongruous dish. Meiwes himself didn't like the movie (it was banned by a German court for infringing his personal rights). BTW the first image in this post comes from the same film...

If you're still interested, there's yet another movie: The Diary of a Cannibal directed by Ulli Lommel. It's a gory, heterosexual version of Armin Meiwes' story. Reviews here and here. Trailer below:

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